Trash Removal Services
  • Clean, Green Trash & Recycling Services For Your Business
  • Complete Waste Stream Audits
  • Waste Reduction Consulting
  • Recycling Programs/ Detailed Waste Reporting
Dumpster Rentals
  • Dependable, Next Day Service
  • Competitive Rates, Easy Ordering
  • Construction / Demolition Dumpsters
  • Temporary 2 yard up To 100 Yard Sizes
Residential Collection
  • Curbside Municipal Waste Removal & Recycling Services
  • Residential Waste Reduction Programs
  • Dual / Single Stream Options
  • School Education
Shredding Services
  • NAID Membership
  • On Site Shredding Services
  • Servicing All Size Businesses
  • Destruction Certificate Provided
Waste Disposable Solution
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Dumpster Rentals – MA Dumpster Rentals – Dumpster Rentals MA

JRM Hauling and Recycling Services, Inc. is a family owned and operated business with more than fifty years experience in the solid waste and recycling business.

Since its inception in 1995, JRM Hauling and Dumpster Services, Inc. have grown from a small operation servicing the Cape Ann Area in Gloucester, Massachusetts to a leader in the industry servicing all of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and parts of Rhode Island. We owe our exceptional growth to our commitment to providing our valued customers with the best possible services in the industry at the most competitive rates.

JRM Hauling & Recycling services, Inc. differs from most of our competition as we are a recycling company that provides solid waste services to our customers. Our goal is always to reduce your solid waste through various reduction concepts including recycling, composting, and right sizing through waste audits.

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JRM Recycling Education
JRM is committed to making our communities "Green" through recycling education at events like this at the Burke Elementary School in Peabody.
JRM Greenworks

JRM News

As we continue to grow in New England, JRM is constructing a new 50,000 square foot Recycling Facility in Peabody, Massachusetts.

“Greenworks” is projected to be completed and in operation in early 2014 and will allow JRM to further expand our recycling services to all of our valued customers...Stay tuned.