At JRM, we work on a regional basis with large retailers that need service to their multiple locations. Outside of our New England service area, we partner with a vast, established network of like-minded, trusted partners with a customer-first attitude and mindset. Let us handle your pickups for every location and you can rest assured of timely hauling of your trash and recycling. Please get in touch at 978-536-2500 to discuss terms and conditions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Industry Solutions

Through decades of experience we have learned how to create industry-specific solutions for businesses and organizations based on the unique requirements associated with the kind or amount of their waste materials.

Hospitals and Medical Centers. We contract with hospitals, medical centers and research labs to carefully collect and dispose of medical waste according to proper industry guidelines.


Schools, Colleges and Universities. Our shredding services include secure document shredding of confidential documents related to sensitive student information and other data that could cause a devastating security breach.


Restaurants. Food waste from unused inventory and uneaten meals can create a large pile of waste that must be hauled away quickly to avoid health code violations. Let us schedule an extra pickup day to support your busiest nights of the week.


Retail Stores. Schedule regular pickups of trash and recycling at each of your retail locations. We are built to handle large pickups based on your needs and timetable.

Municipalities. At JRM, we use our decades of experience working with cities and towns that require a reliable waste management system to ensure trash and recycling is removed on time, every time.

 Commercial and Industrial Recycling Reports and Education

In addition to providing the widest variety of waste pickup and recycling solutions in New England, JRM goes a step further by generating reports for your company or organization to see the impact you’re making. You can look forward to diversion reports which show how your waste didn’t end up on a landfill pile, but instead went to a processing facility that converted your pickup from waste to energy. We also offer environmental impact statements and reports that show trees and kilowatt hours saved as well as water conserved, among other reports that show you’re making a difference.

No matter which industry you’re in, JRM has the best solution for efficient removal and disposal of your waste or recycling. Call us today at 978-536-2500 to discuss how we can serve your New England business.

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