Let’s avoid landfills and recycle with a purpose

GreenWorks, located in Peabody, Massachusetts, is our state-of-the-art recycling center — one of the largest in New England. Recycling is at the heart of our business and we pride ourselves in our contributions to making our environment more sustainable.

We provide our customers with sturdy, lidded recycle bins and schedule regular pickups that are completed in a timely manner. For information on what you can put in your bin click here.

We also offer shredding services on-site for those industries that require special attention to sensitive materials.

Mixed Paper Recycling includes paper of all kinds, including newspapers, documents, postcards, file folders and cardboard boxes. Although the world has been moving towards a paperless society, we believe paper is too important to ever go away entirely. But we strongly believe in shredding and recycling according to the needs of our customers and the expectations of a sustainable environment.

Bottles, Cans, and Plastics are also recycled at GreenWorks. Clear, green and brown bottles are easily processed along with aluminum and metal cans as well as soda, water, and juice bottles.

Computer hardware, bulbs, batteries require special attention. Get in touch to tell us about your recycling questions related to these items and we’ll inform you of how we can safely collect these products to dispose of or recycle.

Green Team Sessions. Sometimes explaining why recycling is critical for a safe environment can change the minds of those who weren’t aware of how we can save the planet, one person at a time. Our Team is available to come to your place of business and help your employees discover the benefits of recycling. We also offer tours at GreenWorks to show your staff the good that comes from our mission of responsible recycling.

When it comes to recycling, JRM has the facility and the experience to handle the largest recycling pickups in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York. Call us today at 978-536-2500 for a quote and to get started!

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