Easy, Efficient Curbside Trash and Recycling Pickups – and Much More!

At JRM Hauling and Recycling, we understand the needs of homeowners who require help in keeping their home free of waste and clutter. That’s why we take great care to make sure you have everything you need for the proper disposal and recycling of materials.

Trash Removal.We provide containers with lids for waste and recycling in various sizes for your specific needs. Have a larger amount of waste and debris than normal? We’ll schedule an additional pickup to make sure your bins won’t overflow.

Solid Waste. JRM provides curbside pickup of your trash. We provide containers and pick it up on a set schedule you can count on.

Waste to Energy. Our commitment to recycling goes far beyond paper, plastic, bottles and cans. Our goal is to keep as much solid waste out of landfills by recycling it into power. Why bury it in the ground when we can convert it into energy? It’s the responsible thing to do for our environment.

Recycling. It’s quick and easy process with JRM. We provide our residential customers with containers for mixed recycling — that means you can use one container for all acceptable recyclable materials. If you’d like to separate out your recyclables by category (paper, plastic, bottles, cans) you can save on costs. Just set it curbside on the scheduled pickup date and we’ll haul it away to our recycling center. What is Recyclable? Visit HERE

Container Rentals. Working on a home improvement project or decluttering the garage or basement? We provide containers for cleanouts and curbside pickups. Ask us about our 15-, 20-, 30- and 40-yard roll-off containers for private pickups.

Shredding Services. With more and more people working from home offices, the need for residential document shredding is on the rise. Our trusted staff picks up your unwanted papers, shreds them on-site in our mobile shredder and recycles them at GreenWorks, our private recycling center located in Peabody. With JRM, you can rest assured your documents will be properly shredded in a secure environment — in fact, our customers often request to watch us destroy their documents, and we’re more than happy to have you witness our process.

Items We Accept. We accept paper-based documents for shredding. Please remove any plastic or wire binding, acetate or plastic covers before submitting for shredding.

Yard Waste and Composting. JRM helps keep your home free of waste, inside and out. Our yard waste pickups for both residential and commercial customers keep your yard, storefront or office clean and neat for exceptional curb appeal. We also help with natural recycling of organic waste for composting.

Items We Accept. Yard waste: includes grass, flowers, bushes and more. We can’t accept flowerpots, plastic bags and other contaminants. For composting: meat, fish, eggshells, bones, fruits and vegetables. We can’t accept plastics, metal, Styrofoam, plastic coated containers, utensils and cups.

Composting Guide Sheet

Municipal Outreach Programs. JRM provides education on recycling to schools and municipal buildings through grants from the Department of Environmental Protection. We send our recycling representative to educate teachers, students and staff on the hows-and-whys of responsible recycling. If you’re interested in this program, please call us at 978-536-2500 for details.


Your home is your most important asset. When it requires attention that leads to waste, JRM Hauling and Recycling is your one-stop solution for trash pickups and all recycling. Call us today at 978-536-2500 to discover the difference of working with New England’s regional leader in residential waste removal. Have a quick question? Chat with us using the icon below!

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